Letter to Our Patients Regarding Potential Orlando Health Merger

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Dear Patients:

The Orlando Sentinel recently ran a story about the pending purchase of Orlando Health Physician Associates by Orlando Health.  The story was somewhat inflammatory and has resulted in many questions and concerns from our patients.  Please allow me to provide you with accurate information regarding the impact the purchase would have on you and your family.

If the purchase is successful, nothing about your interaction with Orlando Health Physician Associates will change. You will not incur any type of facility fees or other additional fees.   Your physician will remain the same as will the office where you are treated, your benefits and any co-pays for which you are responsible. However, your care – especially if you or a family member requires hospitalization – will be enriched.

A number of patients have commented on the sales price that was reported in the newspaper.  A large component of the purchase price reflects the sale of all of our assets to Orlando Health along with our agreement to provide future employment.  A transaction like this is complex and reflects the compliance required by a multitude of government agencies.

Orlando Health Physician Associates and Orlando Health have been collaborating on a number of initiatives to enhance patient care for over a year.  In September of 2011 we announced that we were implementing joint programs to address the four most common chronic diseases facing our patients:  diabetes, hypertension, congestive heart failure and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD).  Since its launch, the program has helped us better manage and treat the symptoms of patients who suffer from these ailments, which in turn has helped these patients avoid repeat visits to the hospital. And when a patient is hospitalized, our collaboration has resulted in better continuity of care between the patient’s doctor and the hospital. So our already strong alliance with Orlando Health will only become more collaborative with a formal agreement in place. 

On the national level, we have all heard quite a bit about healthcare over the last few years. The fact is healthcare is transitioning from an industry that only responds to illness to one that proactively manages chronic conditions and encourages healthy lifestyles and maintaining one’s wellness.  All healthcare providers are moving in this direction.  Orlando Health Physician Associates and Orlando Health have decided to work together to make this transition faster and smoother so patients benefit.

All of us at Orlando Health Physician Associates want to make sure that patients continue to receive high quality care in this new, fast-paced, changing healthcare environment.  We firmly believe the best way to do that is to join with Orlando Health, an organization also committed to delivering quality care that puts the patients’ needs first.  If you have a relationship with a physician in the Florida Hospital system, you will continue to get the care you need in the future from these physicians (this won’t change).

As discussions with Orlando Health progress, we will commit to provide patients with relevant information without negatively impacting on-going negotiations.  Information will be emailed and available at all Orlando Health Physician Associates offices.  We look forward to continuing to provide you and your family with ongoing medical care.


Erik Walker, M.D.
Chairman of the Board of Directors
Orlando Health Physician Associates LLC

Good health from our family to yours.

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